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Data Ideology is growing!

Not only are we currently hiring for the positions listed below, but we are always interested in hearing from talented, creative, and innovative individuals. Our team consists of highly ambitious individuals who are passionate about data and the value it can bring to organizations.

Are you a problem solver? Do you have a real passion for data and analytics? Do you enjoy learning new things, working with people that are excited about their jobs, and helping bring about strategic enterprise wide change?

Does this sound like you? Send us your resume!

A little more about our culture.

Here at Data Ideology we foster an organic company culture by hiring the best talent possible, striving for excellence in our work on a daily basis, and encouraging individuality in both thought and action.

We believe that happy employees are more passionate about their jobs and more driven to do great work, and highly passionate and driven employees make the customer experience.

At Data Ideology we value you and your need for a healthy, happy life both at work and at home, because of this we offer an extensive benefit package, 401(k) and retirement, and flexible time off.


Flexible time off.

Scientific studies have shown that employees who take vacations see a range of benefits from increased enjoyment in their work to reduced risk of heart attack.

We are so invested in the well-being of our employees that we have instituted a flexible time off policy, which means that as long as you are meeting goals, completing projects, and performing tasks, you are free to take as much vacation time as you feel you need.

We are so serious about the benefits of vacation that we require every employee to take at least one vacation a year.

Other benefits.

Not only does Data Ideology offer flexible time off, but they also offer competitive compensation, extensive benefit packages, retirement plans, and disability insurance.

Our insurance coverage includes medical, dental, and vision coverage in a low deductible plan, at no cost to the employee. Again, we pay all premiums for employees.

Data Ideology also offers several options for retirement plans and matches a percentage of retirement fund contributions.


Open Positions

If you don’t see a job listed, but would still like to be considered for future positions use the contact us page or message us on LinkedIn. We look forward to hearing from you!